Add colour, functionality and durability to your design projects with Akril panels. It’s lightweight, flexible, cost effective and easy to use. For wet areas, decorative panels and virtually any vertical surface - Akril is brilliant.

Barrington Roof Tiles
Combining the beauty of natural slate with all the benefits of modern day technology, Barrington Roof Tiles offers a fully designed, premium roofing system that is found on all styles of homes across Australia. Lightweight yet exceptionally durable, Barrington Roof Tiles are renowned for their modern, streamlined slate look which customers enjoy at a lower price than natural slate.

Composite Materials Engineering (CME) is a specialist composites business. All of our products are manufactured in Australia, at our headquarters in Melbourne. We formulate, manufacture and compression mould long glass fiber composite materials. Our philosophy is to be the leader in composite materials and to develop the technology to ensure our customer receives the most up to date technology available.