Industry Gallery

CME Coatings are leaders in the application of industrial paint coatings and provide a high quality finish.

Industries that benefit from CME Coatings services include:

Automotive - both suppliers and manufactures

CME Coatings has over ten years experience in supplying painted parts to the automotive industry.

Our experience includes the painting of interior plastic trims components, and Class A body panels - moulded from a range of plastics such as thermoplastics, composites and acrylic. Our expertise includes project management, assembly, and the packaging of the parts to be painted.


CME Coatings has implemented quality management and paint systems to ensure glass painted by CME is of the highest standard possible. Our systems include specific glass handling and preparation techniques to ensure quality. All glass painted by CME Coatings is baked and checked prior to delivery to our customers.

The substantial investment in our facility allows us to offer a quick turnaround, and the ability to support both small and large volume jobs.

Architects and Industrial builders

CME Coatings provides a range of paint finishes for a range of building based products. We can support project-based work or continued production.

Our expert project management support includes:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • Painting using our wide range of paint finishes


As part of our project management support, CME Coatings offers expertise in the assembly, packaging and delivery of components once painted. We currently supply this service to a number of customers and we have many years experience in supporting our customers in any aspect of their business.